Artistic Impression of DIGI-SENSE by Daniela Brill Estrada

Digital Sensemaking (DIGI-SENSE): Constructive capacity building for co-creative transformation change

The project focuses on sensemaking in digitalization processes, especially in the interaction with digital twins and robotics. Artistic engagement – with a specific focus on dance and performance – is central to the research method to gain insights into the embodiment and relevance of aesthetic/sensory knowledge in sensemaking processes. Thereby the team aims at advancing understanding of the mechanisms underlying artful articulation and sensemaking in digital transformation projects by examining the socio-technical design and development process through the lens of digital twins (DT). Moreover, a special focus will be on researching aesthetics, aesthetic experiences and embodied knowledge in relation to sensemaking processes.

This project is a Seed Project at the Linz Institute of Technology, which is realized at the Institute of Communications Engineering, part of the Linz Business School at the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

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