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Dr. Claudia Schnugg is an expert in art and science collaboration. She is researcher in the intersections of art and aesthetics with science, technology and business. Fascinated by aesthetics, how what we know is connected to our senses and embedded in social structures, what her research is closely connected to projects she is working on in practice: art and science collaboration programs, media art projects, art and craft, exploration of visuals, spaces and rhythms, and effects of incorporation of art in corporations and scientific organizations.

Currently, she is exploring the practices and social dynamics of interdisciplinary collaborative projects, involving art, science, and new technologies. Thereby, she is interested in how diverging perspectives and aesthetic understanding can challenge sensemaking processes, lead to knowledge generation, and initiate innovation. She pursues collaborative and cross-disciplinary research projects, develops artist in residence programs, and consults in the development of artscience projects.

The interest in what art can do and which role aesthetics and sensory perception play in creative and knowledge generation processes leads me to explore art in these different settings. How are recent developments in technology and science explored and pushed through artists? And how does this intersect with organizations, individuals and society? Her background in organization and management studies helps to frame the approach from a process-oriented perspective and leads to comprehensive understanding for individuals and organizations how to frame encounters with art.

In her research she mainly uses qualitative methods, also including aesthetic approaches like visual analysis, rhythm, movement, architecture, sound, but also the use of fiction and discourse analysis.

Specifically, her research projects are in the areas of:

  • Art and Science
  • Societal Impact of Art and Technology
  • Impact of New Technologies on Organizations
  • Social, Mental, and Health Effects of Artistic Interventions
  • Art and Health, Mental Health & Well-being
  • Embodied Knowledge, Art and Craft
  • Artistic Interventions in Organizations
  • Formats of Collaboration: Artist-in-Residence Programs, Social Networks

To understand the effects of artistic interventions and artscience collaboration in natural sciences, Claudia is currently diving into the worlds of astronomy, astrophysics, high energy physics, nano technology, and biology. Working on the societal impact of new technologies, research on blockchain has been introduced to the project Bodies Inc. 2.0.

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