Books & Monographs

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2019): Creating ArtScience Collaboration. Bringing Value to Organizations.  London: Palgrave Macmillan. (Link, ISBN 978-3-030-04548-7) read more about the book here

Schnugg, Claudia A. (ed & text) with and for KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd (2019): Wir können da was machen. Dimensionen von Gestaltungen des KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd (bilingual German with English translations), Freistadt: Blöchl.

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2010): “Kunst in Organisationen. Analyse und Kritik des aktuellen Wissenschaftsdiskurses zu Wirkung künstlerischer Interventionen im organisationalen Kontext.“ Johannes Kepler University Linz: Doctoral dissertation. (Link; Email me for an English shortened version)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2006): “Unternehmerinnen und Netzwerke. Die Nutzung sozialer Netzwerke durch Unternehmerinnen.“ Johannes Kepler University Linz: Master thesis. (PDF)

Edited Books, Anthologies & Special Issues

Schnugg, Claudia, and Schüller, Andrea, eds. (2020): Beware of Art: ARTificial Intelligence Challenging Organizations and Society. Special Issue COS Journal Challenging Organisations and Society. reflective hybrids®, Volume 9, Issue 1 (Link, PDF)

Gimpel, Yvonne, Lungstraß, Anja, Schnugg, Claudia, Stüwe-Eßl, Barbara, and Widhofner, Aleksandra, eds. (2019): Kultur als Rezept. ig kultur Zentralorgan für Kulturpolitik und Propaganda, Ausgabe 1.19 (Link, Link to IG Kultur Info on Kunst als Rezept)

Riot, Elen, Schnugg, Claudia A., and Raviola, Elena, eds. (2019):  Arts, Politics, and Social Movements – In the Fields and in the Streets. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (Link, ISBN 978-1-5275-3921-1)

Book Chapters

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2023): „Friction Gains in Art & Science Collaboration: More Than Noise“ in: Schmidt, M. et al. Grain & Noise, Bielefeld: transcript, pp. 176-189 (Link, ISBN: 78-3-8394-6516-5)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2022): „Serendipity and beyond Innovation“ in Art + Water, edited by Joke Brouwer, Arie Altena & Boris Debackere, Rotterdam, NL: V2 Publishing, ISBN 978-90-828935-7-1

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2018): „Blockchain and Bodies© Incorporated: Media Arts Screening Economic Innovation 2.0″ in: Cuonz, D., Loren, S. and Metelmann J. (Eds) Screening Economies: Money Matters and the Ethics of Representation. Bielefeld: transcript, pp. 31-46 (Link, ISBN: 978-3-8376-4527-9)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2018): precarium: Kunst auf Rezept – art on prescription. (Art on Prescription – Encourager le mieux-etre par l’art) Dans Les mises en scène du divers. Rencontre des écritures ethnographiques et artistiques. Cahier ReMix, n° 09 (11/2018). Montréal : Figura, le Centre de recherche sur le texte et l’imaginaire. En ligne sur le site de l’Observatoire de l’imaginaire contemporain, edited by Francine Saillant, Nicole Lapierre, Bernard Müller and Francois Laplantine, pp. 81-85. (Link, PDF, ISBN 978-2-923907-75-8)

Schnugg, Claudia A. and Vesna, Victoria (2017): “Media Art in the context of Art, Science and the Market: A Historical Perspective” in: Zackariasson, P. and E. Raviola (Eds) The Arts and Business: Building a common ground for understanding current society. New York: Routledge, pp. 28-38. (Link, ISBN 9781138887442)

Raviola, Elena and Schnugg, Claudia A. (2015): “Fostering creativity through artistic interventions: Two stories of failed attempts to commodify creativity” in: Johannson, U. and J. Woodilla (Eds) Artistic Interventions in Organizations. Research, theory and practice. New York: Routledge, pp. 90-106. (Link, PDF Sample Look into the book, ISBN 9781138821132)

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Brill, Daniela, Schnugg, Claudia, and Stary, Christian (2024) “The socio-aesthetic construction of meaning in digitally mediated environments: a digital sensemaking approach“ AI & Society (Link)

Brill, Daniela, Schnugg, Claudia, and Stary, Christian (2022) “Makes Digital Sensemaking Sense? – A Roadmap for Digital Humanism in Increasingly Transhumanist Settings”, New Explorations, Vol. 2(3): 86-109. (Link, Researchgate)

Bureaud, Annick; Schnugg, Claudia A.; de Menezes, Marta; Kourochkina, Tatiana; Sebjanic, Robertina (2021): „The Veridical Travel of the Truly Imaginary Plant“ Contemporânea Vol. 3(6) (DOI:, Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2020): „Collaboration of Art, Science and Technology: Creating Future Realities with Art and A.I.“ Challenging Organisations and Society. reflective hybrids®, Vol. 9(1): 1473-1491.  (Link, Researchgate)

Stary, Christian; Schnugg, Claudia A. (2020): „Algorithmic Overdependence: Fostering Awareness through Digital Facilitation and (Re-)Construction.“ Challenging Organisations and Society. reflective hybrids®, Vol. 9(1): 1541-1557. (Link, Researchgate)

Schnugg, Claudia A.; Song, BeiBei (2020): „An Organizational Perspective on ArtScience Collaboration: Opportunities and Challenges of Platforms to Collaborate with Artists.“ J. Open Innov. Technol. Mark. Complex. 20206, 6. (Link, PDF, also available in the book reprint of the Special Issue here)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2018): „Setting the Stage for Something New. Understanding Arts-Based Initiatives through the Lens of Liminality and Rites of Passage“ Zeitschrift für Kulturmanagement 4(2): 77-102. (Link, Researchgate)

Reinhold, Emilie, Schnugg, Claudia A., and Barthold, Charles (2018): „Dancing in the office. A study of gestures as resistance.“ Scandinavian Journal of Management 34(2): 162-169. (Link)

Comerón, Fernando,  Schneider, Nicola, Djupvik, Anlaug Amanda, and Schnugg, Claudia A. (2018): „The ionizing source of the bipolar HII region S106: a close massive binary” Astronomy & Astrophysics, 615: A2 (Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A. and Lehner, Johannes M. (2016): “Communicating Identity or Status? A Media Analysis of Art in Executives’ Photographed Portraits” International Journal of Arts Management 18(2): 63-74. (Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2016): „Impulse durch Kunst in Forschung und Wirtschaft. Zum Ars Electronica Residency Network: Interaktion mit KünstlerInnen in Forschung und Wirtschaft“ Austrian Management Review 6: 108-111. (Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2014): “The organization as artist’s palette: arts-based interventions” Journal of Business Strategy 35(5): 31-37. (Link, Researchgate)

Innreiter, Caecilia and Schnugg, Claudia A. (2012): “Netzwerken als Strategie zur beruflichen Gleichstellung von Frauen und Männern” Momentum Quarterly, 1(3): 165-183. (Link)

Selected Refereed Conference Papers

Brill, Daniela, Schnugg, Claudia, Stary, Christian, Rayzhekov, Antoni (2023): „Researching the body and movement through artistic performative installations for collaborative digital sensemaking“, In Proceedings of the XX. Conference on Culture and Computer Science, Lisbon,

Schnugg, Claudia, Brill, Daniela, Stary, Christian (2023): „Towards Sensemaking in the Meshwork of Technology, Ecology and Society: Symbiosis of Aesthetics, Performance, and Digitalization“, In Proceedings of the International Symposium of Electronic Arts, Paris, forthcoming.

Rayzhekov, Antoni; Schnugg, Claudia; Maiden, Neil, and Zachos, Konstantinos (2022): „Fragile Perspectives: A Multi-Sensory and Multi-Media Installation Reflecting on News Landscapes“ In Proceedings of the 14th ACM Creativity & Cognition Conference, Venice, Italy, 20th-23rd June 2022, ACM ISBN 978-1-4503-9327-0/22/06,

Brill, Daniela, Schnugg*, Claudia, Stary, Christian (2022) „Digital Sensemaking: Sensemaking as a Driver of Transformation.“ Proceedings IFKAD’22 – Int. Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics, Lugano, Switzerland, 20-22 June 2022, pp. 652-672. (Researchgate) This paper was awarded the MBE Best Paper Award at IFKAD 2022

Reinhold, Emilie and Schnugg, Claudia A. (2016): “When Work Becomes Dance. A Deconstruction of Gesture” In Proceedings of the 8th Art of Management and Organization Conference 2016, Bled.

Adler, Nancy, Berthoin Antal, Ariane, Brattström, Victoria, Schnugg, Claudia A. and Woodilla, Jill (2015): „Artistic Interventions That Tilt Organizations: Opportunities and Leadership Challenges.“ Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings 2015(1):16965-16965. (Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2014): “Curating and facilitating residencies for artistic production and research: Colliding art, technology and science in residencies.” In Proceedings of the 7th Art of Management and Organization Conference 2014, Copenhagen.

Reinhold, Emilie and Schnugg, Claudia A. (2014): “I don’t take my body to work. Intellectual workers‘ embodiment through an analysis of their gestures” In Proceedings of 30th EGOS Colloquium 2014, Rotterdam.

Schnugg, Claudia A. and Raviola, Elena (2013): “Be creative, you tedious Business People!” In Proceedings of the 22nd Nordic Academy of Management Conference, Reykjavik.

Schnugg, Claudia A. and Peters, Luc (2012): “Silence & Geiselnahme. Einstürzende Neubauten and Organization” July 2012, Proceedings of the 30th SCOS Conference in Barcelona.

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2012): „Projecting the future and remembering the past in Melancholia: Pushing borders of cultural legitimate action.“ July 2012, In Proceedings of the 30th SCOS Conference in Barcelona.

Schnugg, Claudia A. and Peters, Luc (2012): “Silence & Geiselnahme. On Sound and Organization” In Proceedings of the 28th EGOS Colloquium 2012, Helsinki.

Bauer, Robert M., Schnugg, Claudia A. and Cukier, Wendy L. (2012): “The Enemy within: On the Dynamics of Inversely Paradoxical Institutional Logics: The Case of Arts-Based Interventions into For-Profit Organizations.” In Proceedings of the 28th EGOS Colloquium 2012, Helsinki.

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2011): „Setting the Stage for Something New.“ May 2011, In Proceedings of the 6th The Arts in Society Conference, Berlin (Link)

Innreiter, Caecilia and Schnugg, Claudia A. (2011): „Netzwerken als Strategie zur beruflichen Gleichstellung von Frauen und Männern.“ In Proceedings of the Momentum Kongress 2011.

Schnugg, Claudia A. and Lehner, Johannes M. (2011): “Art as Status Behaviour in and of Organizations.” In Proceedings of the 11th Annual EURAM Conference 2011, Tallinn.

Bauer, Robert M., Schnugg, Claudia A. and Cukier, Wendy L. (2011): “The Forbidden Fruit: Exploring the Inversely Paradoxical Relationship of Art and Maangement.” 26th EGOS Colloquium 2011, Gothenburg.

Bauer, Robert M., Schnugg, Claudia A. and Cukier, Wendy L. (2010): “The Impossible Possibility of Art-Enhanced Management: Examining the Inversely Paradoxical Relationship of Art and Management.” 26th EGOS Colloquium 2010, Lisbon.

Research & Evaluation Reports

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2022): Roots&Seeds Biodiversity Crisis & Plant resistance. Final Publication. edited by Tatiana Kourochkina and Helena Pérez. Contribution by Claudia Schnugg: p. 37-41 „on collaborative practices“, and contributions authored by Claudia Schnugg based on collaborative work in the project: p. 78-151. Published by Quo Artis, (Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2022): STEAM Imaging IV: Art Meets Medical Research. Workshop and Themed Evening Evaluation.

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2020): STEAM Imaging III: Art Meets Medical Research. Course Evaluation. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.27760.38409 (Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2020): STEAM Imaging II: Art Meets Medical Research. Workshop Evaluation. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.31104.17928 (Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A. with Blaimschein, Susanne, Gruber, Dominik, Keita-Kornfehl, Michaela, and Rathmayr, Beate (2018): Wirkungen, Nutzten und Methoden der Arbeit vom KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd. _Teil1: Recherchen, Analysen und Texte zu den zentralen Wirkungen und Nutzen im Allgemeinen und der KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd Arbeit und Methodensammlung. Project Report. (Please get in touch for a copy, German only)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2017): STEAM Imaging: Art Meets Medical Research. Workshop Evaluation. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.11923.58403 (Link)

Selected Other Publications

Chung, Sougwen, and Schnugg, Claudia A. (2020): A reflection on Art, Artificial Intelligence and Robots in Society. Challenging Organisations and Society. reflective hybrids, Vol. 9(1): 1492-1499.

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2020): Wir Können Da Was Machen. Die Referentin, pp. 14-155. (Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2019): Wie wirkt Kunst? In: Gimpel et al. eds: Kunst auf Rezept. pp. 70-74. (Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2019): Kunst auf Rezept. Philipp Wegan und Elisabeth Schafzahl im Gespräch mit Claudia Schnugg. In: Gimpel et al. eds.: Kunst auf Rezept. pp. 18-20. (Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2019): Conversation with Claudia Schnugg: ART + SCI + TECH in 7 Contexts. Re:logia Trialogues Book. Publication acompanying Re:logia Trialogues Conference, November 2019. Edited and concepted by Cvetana Ivanova. pp. 112-117. Also available in French translation.

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2019): Manufacturing Creativity Vietnam: Exploring the value of artist and designer residencies in factories. Catalogue of the research project Manufacturing Creativity Vietnam, Australia, ed. Jane Gavan.

Schnugg, Claudia A. and Comerón, Fernando (2017): „Art and Astronomy. Artists in Residence at ESO.“ ENTER+ Creative Manual for Art & Science Network. Kosice: Dive Buki Publishers. (Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2017): „Kunst und Gesundheit“ (PDF)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2017): „Über die Kunst im Kontext des täglichen Lebens“ (PDF)

Schnugg, Claudia A. and Lehner, Johannes (2016): „The Artwork Behind You – Let’s Talk About Status.“ (Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2016): “Chants of the Proto-Alchemists” and other short texts about art and science residencies. In: G. Stocker, C. Schöpf, & H. Leopoldseder (Eds.), Radical Atoms. Alchemists of our time. Ars Electronica 2016. Festival for Art, Technology, and Society. Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz. (Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A., and Scholl, Markus (2016) “The Ars Electronica Residency Network” and Texts about “Sparks” and the Sparks art and science residencies. In: G. Stocker, C. Schöpf, & H. Leopoldseder (Eds.), Radical Atoms. Alchemists of our Time. Ars Electronica 2016. Festival for Art, Technology, and Society. Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz. (Link)

Pauser, Veronika, Schnugg, Claudia A. and Pop, Susa (2015): „Connecting Cities – Artists and Researchers Empowering Citizens since 2012“ In: G. Stocker, C. Schöpf, & H. Leopoldseder (Eds.), Post City. Habitats for the 21st Century. Ars Electronica 2015. Festival for Art, Technology, and Society. Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz. (Link)

Schnugg, Claudia A. (2014): “The Ars Electronica Residency Network.” In: G. Stocker, C. Schöpf, & H. Leopoldseder (Eds.), Change. Ars Electronica 2014. Festival for Art, Technology, and Society. Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz. (Link)

Selected Press Coverage & Interviews

Presentation of „Friction Gains“ book chapter at Cricko (11/2023): Cricko ArtScience frictions generating impact

Interview in Propagarta for the Intersecting Realities exhibition in Timisoara (6/2023): CLAUDIA SCHNUGG ADUCE LA TIMIȘOARA UNIVERSUL SCI-ART EUROPEAN

Podcast Interview for Making Business Art (4/2023): on Spotify, on Google Podcasts, on Apple Podcasts

Journalist Julian von Bülow über Kunst und KI (3/2023): Grenzüberschreitung: Künstliche Intelligenz malt Bilder und erschafft beeindruckende Welten. Sind Maschinen die neuen Kreativen?

Interview for Five Words for the Future (9/2022): Experience – knowledge – openness – space – time

Bayes Business School, City University of London, about their spin-off’s interaction with art (3/2022): How multi-sensory glass sculptures can tell a story of climate crisis and Covid-19

Presentation of the artworks realized in the first cohort of MediaFutures (1/2022): „How MediaFuture supported artists impact the media field“

Presentation of 1st cohort projects at MediaFutures (12/2021): „JECT-SENSE: Visualising news for journalists, editors and the public“

Interview for The Artian podcast (Series 2/Episode 22): „Building Art-Science Collaboration“ (11/2021)

Interview for the Inside Biotech podcast (Series 3/Episode 3): „The ‚A‘ in STEAM: Claudia Schnugg, Curator and Producer of Art and Science Collaboration“ (11/2021)

Interview on Radio Bukarest and „Fushion: Talks“ – wie man Kunst und Wissenschaft zusammenbringt (10/2021)

Konsten och kapitalet – Interviews on art and business in Konstnären #3/2021 (10/2021): Get the issue 3/2021 Konstens Nya Ekonomi here,  or read PDF (Swedish only)

JECT-SENSE Project Updates – A sneak peek, MediaFutures.EU (9/2021): Link to article

Roots & Seeds XXI Project at the MSCA Green Deal Cluster Event (7/2021): Link to the online exhibition, watch on vimeo

Interalia Magazine: Interview (5/2021): Creating ArtScience Collaborations

unbore: Interview on the occasion of joining their Advisory Board (11/2020): Interview with Claudia Schnugg: how to make sense of your world through art and science

FAAR: Interview in issue no 2, Signals of change: Intersections (11/2020): Link to the PDF  Interview with Dr. Claudia Schnugg pp 46-55 and the website

Conversation with Bianka Hofmann (4/2020): What Comes after the Corona Crisis? Artists Shaping the Humane Future

Cueva Gallery (3/2020): The Curator’s Corner: Claudia Schnugg: Explorations of AI Art

Spokes Ecsite Magazine (2/2020): Lookout Interview Art&Science – The Curator’s Perspective

Kunst und Wirtschaft (2/2020): Kunst wirkt.

LIWEST (4/2019), Cover Story Issue Dezember: Offene Türen zwischen Kunst und Technik

TechTrends Bulgaria (11/2019): Изкуственият интелект няма да замени човешката креативност

Die Presse (7th May 2019): Die Angst vor dem vollkommenen Menschen

Oberösterreichischer Kulturbereicht (02/2019): Wissenschaft und Kunst in Venedig (2016): Institute of Isolation

ESO (2016): art&science Residency Award Winners

On the Ars Electronica Blog (2014-2016): Articles and Interviews by Claudia Schnugg

Klaus Obermair (2015): Heavy-headed dada-minded

Trend (2012): „Kunst in Chefbüros“

Kunst und Wirtschaft (2012): „Die Wirkung von Kunst bei Unternehmen und MitarbeiterInnen“

Medaillen-Reliefkunst (2012): „Allgemeine Wirkungen der Kunst auf das Individuum und die Gesellschaft“

Digital Government & Society (2010): „Wenn Unternehmerinnen netzwerken.“

Waldviertel News (2009): DonauUni Alumni Treffen


Schnugg, Claudia A. (2014): “S. Taylor, Leadership Craft, Leadership Art. 199 pp. 2012 Palgrave Macmillan, New York.” Scandinavian Journal of Management 30(1): 142-143. (Link)

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